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Diverse Homology - Four Historical Times and Spaces of the Pearl River Estuary Area





​基于南头古城的政策定位,我们将“同源”的策展理念拓展为珠江口区域开放、多元、包容和汇同的文化特征,并通过“山海同貌”、“经济同体”、“文化同心”和"行政同属"四个视角分别解读。面对展馆空间条件、展品条件和时间条件的真实困难,将展览设计方向规划为“一个艺术性历史主题展”,以超级报纸(Super flat)为设计概念重织时空,实现内容、空间与展品的“全景式”体验。

“Diverse homology ——— four historical angles at the Pearl River estuary area” is of the vital importance of protection and utilization about Shenzhen Nantou Ancient City. It has been opened to the public on August 26, 2020. Diameter Narrative (DND), commissioned by Vanke Group, which be solely responsible for the curation and exhibition design. 

Based on the political position of Nantou, we have expanded the curatorial concept of "homology" to the cultural characteristics of openness, diversity, tolerance and convergence in the Pearl River estuary area, and considered geography, economy, culture and administration the four diverse angles of view as the explanation of exhibition. Faced with the real difficulties of space, exhibit and time conditions, we planned "an artistic historical theme exhibition" as the design direction, using the design concept “super flat” to reorganize time and space, which makes the panoramic experience of content, space and exhibit come true.

Project time:2020



「万化同源——珠江口区域的四个历史时空」荣获 KUKAN 2021 入围奖