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Vanke 1835 City Exhibition Center




​万科龙湾创想社—1835城市展厅位于广东省东莞市万江社区街道龙湾区域,是基于旧工业厂房改造的展厅,面积约为300平方米。直径叙事(DND)受万科集团(Vanke)委托全权负责展厅空间叙事和展览设计。展厅以“未来城市”为主题,通过对龙湾新区域规划的范本研究,映射东莞的城市与产业,同时延伸对未来城市发展的探讨。通过装置与新媒体的设计语言呈现区域产业历史与未来转型,展厅内充满未来感的晶体装置“HELLO GALLERY”不仅作为展览作品从室内延伸至城市街道,还为艺术展的持续更新提供了一个特殊的展示空间,为展厅和园区带来持续的活力。万科龙湾创想社—1835城市展厅已于2018年12月开馆。

Vanke 1835 City Exhibition Center is located in Longwan, Wanjiang Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is an exhibition hall based on the renovation of old industrial plants, covering an area of ​​about 300 square meters. Commissioned by Vanke, DND was in charge of space narrative and exhibition design of the pavilion. With the theme of “Future City”, the exhibition maps Dongguan's cities and industries through a model study of Longwan's new planning, and extends the discussion of future urban development. The history and future transformation of regional industry are presented through the installation and new media. The futuristic “crystal installation” HELLO GALLERY not only extends from the interior to the street as an exhibition, but also provides a special space for the continuous renewal of the art exhibition, bringing continuous vitality to the exhibition hall and the park. The Vanke Longwan Creative Society-City Exhibition Hall was opened in 2018.

Project time:2018