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欧洲设计现在时丛书由设计大师吕迪鲍尔(Ruedi Baur)策划,李德庚主编。李德庚在三年内遍访彼时欧洲各个重要设计团体,与最具思想活力和时代特征的设计师深入接触,在总结与呈现当时欧洲先锋设计的同时,又处处凝沥出对中国设计现状与问题的主动性探究。全书共三本,分别为《Qwer科维尔工作室》,《Surface瑟菲斯工作室》和《Cyan塞恩工作室》,并由中国青年出版社出版。

This book series was conceived of by Ruedi Baur, and edited and designed by Prof. Degeng Li. The project took three years of interviews with the leading emerging designers in Europe, discussing and presenting their design practices. The project also reflects on the status of Chinese design at the time. This series is composed of three volumes according to three different studios: Qwer, Surface, and Cyan. 

Project time:2004

Client Self-Commissioned

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