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Contemporary Communication Design from the Netherlands




人们心中那早已根深蒂固的“书籍”概念被Irma Boom一次又一次推翻。一方面,书籍形态的多样化突出了该媒介作为语言的价值,开放了更多叙事逻辑的可能性,使读者开始真正拥有阅读的自由权与选择权,在此基础上,Irma Boom极大地扩展了这一传统传播媒介的表现强度与宽度。另一方面,数字时代,随着信息传播媒介主角地位的旁落,书籍如何回归自身的物质向度,也成为书籍设计必然面临的应对之道。透过书中的20个项目,Irma Boom为我们提供了重要启示。





这本书是Richard Niessen的创作实践展览,这位平面设计师将大把时间都倾注到自己的音乐天赋上:作曲、排练、演出,甚至发行专辑。渐渐地,他也从中摸索出自己的一套工作方式,用做设计的手法来做音乐,也用做音乐的手法来做设计。




Solid Reading

The conventional idea of a “book” has been overturned by Irma Boom again and again. On one hand, the various book formats highlight their value as a medium, therefore opening up more possibilities of both narrative and interpretation. On the other hand, Irma Boom’s books consistently question how books retain their physical value in the digital era, in which books are no longer the main vehicle of communication. Irma inspired DIA to reexamine the “book” through the twenty projects presented in this book.


Transgenosis Design

Inspired by Maureen Mooren and Daniel van der Velden, the book’s preface is a presentation of these designers’ works. The main body of this book is a fictional forum comprised of a designer, a reader, a computer translation program, an editor, a critic, the client, and more participants, documenting the conversations from different perspectives


Graphic Construction

As a graphic designer, Richard Niessen spent most of his time on his interest in music: composing, rehearsing, producing concerts, and releasing albums. He discovered design methodology through his music practice: Playing music as designing and vice versa.


Generating Design

The design methodology of Lust, a design studio based in the Hague, is often described as “process-based design” or “system-produced design.” Following this methodology, the process of analysis is developed to the point in which it becomes the resulting design itself. Lust thinks that design is not re-interpreting information to adapt to a higher level of consumption, but rather re-organize information to make a system, a tool for users to interpret information.

Project time:2008

Client Self-Commissioned

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