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“Story of a Typeface: Helvetica forever”
(Chinese Version)



《字体传奇:影响世界的Helevetica》是一本关于传奇字体Helvetica的出版物。由挪威设计师和出版人拉斯穆勒(Lars Müller)等编著并由国际著名出版社Lars Müller Publishers出版,李德庚教授全程策划、翻译、编辑并设计了该书的中文版。全书通过大量从未出版过的珍贵手稿与图像资料,呈现了字体Helvetica所历经和参与的社会、文化的跨时代演变过程,更以开阔的视野向中国读者介绍了关于西文字体的通俗知识,使得这本出版物不仅是专业设计师们的重要资料,也为大众读者开拓了一条明白晓畅的,了解字体通识的小径。

Helvetica Forever is a publication about the legendary typeface Helvetica, first published by Lars Müller Publishers and edited by Lars Müller and Victor Malsy. Prof. Degeng Li translated and designed the Chinese version. Helvetica Forever presents an abundance of precious references to show how the ubiquitous typeface participated in social and cultural evolutions. This publication is not only an academic reference for professional designers, but also for the general public seeking a point of access to learn more about Helvetica.

Project time:2013

Client Self-Commissioned

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