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Design Shanghai 2013-“City of Interface”




 “界面之城”是 2013年上海艺术设计展的6个主题展之一,该展览重新关注了被现代主义建筑师们摒弃了的象征主义时期图像、符号、文字与建筑相结合的图像学传统,发起了对简单“结构 + 形式 + 照明”的、纯粹的城市模型的反思:由于在使用城市的过程中,人们很自然地把图像、 符号、文字这些被摈弃的元素又重新添加回来,甚至比象征主义时期更丰富、方式更多,也更有想象力—城市生活变得更为复杂,人们已然生活在界面之城。展览由八个不同的话题构成,分别是:“城市新图腾”、“街道剧场”、“人在画中游”、“时空穿梭机”、“化妆舞会”、“露天电影院”、“路上的旋律”以及“对话空间”。试图全方位的体现出今天城市界面的景象、它所面对的问题以及未来可能的走向。

City of Interface (one of six exhibitions of Design Shanghai 2013), revisits the tradition of Iconology from the time of symbolism, which combines symbols, images, texts, and architectures, which was abandoned by Modernist architects. It began as a reflection on the simple urban model (structure + form + lighting): Urban life has became more complex as people kept adding back those abandoned elements—even more than before. City of Interface is composed of eight sections (New Totems in City, Street Theatre, Wandering in Images, Time Travel Machine, Masquerade, Open-air theater, Melody on the Street and Dialogue Space), attempting to confront the whole picture of the city of interface.

Project time:2013


Client:Power Station of Art(PSA)

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