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The third UABB- A Catalyst Reaction of our City-Shenzhen and Universide Special Exhibition




 “触媒”是生物学名词,指向“世界大学生运动会”这个大型城市事件发生的前后给深圳城市发展带来的连锁式的复合促进作用。大运会刚刚落幕,我们认为,回顾固然重要,但更重要的是梳理与建立一个促使城市继续健康成长的脉络,让大运的建筑“遗产”不要成为建筑文物,而成为激发城市运动活力,使年轻的城市与市民保持年轻的能量场,使这个展览能够真正从实质上对应大运会的口号: “Start here”(从这里开始)。

Bi-City Biennale Of Urbanism\Architecture (UABB)
Activator is a biological term, used here to refer to the multiplex enhancements, as results of chain reaction in Shenzhen before and after the Universiade. As a retrospective exhibition, we thought it was important to trace and build a structure that contributes to the health of a sustainable city, to transform the architectural heritages (venues built specifically for Universiade) as “Energy Station” of the city, and to respond to the slogan of Universiade: “Start here.”

Project time:2011


Client:Bi-City Biennale Of Urbanism\Architecture(UABB)

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