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“taking a Stance”-8 Critical Attitudes in Chinese and Dutch Architecture and Design  




展览聚焦上世纪九十年代以来中国与荷兰设计文化中实验性与探险性的一面,以八位不同国家和领域的设计师作为样本,展现了他们在全球化进程中对当代现实中的真实处境与任务的思考和直接回应,以及持续对各自专业领域的批判与探索,和对设计师这一身份的批判性质询。策展人由李德庚和荷兰建筑学会 (NAi) 的 Linda Vlassenrood 和 Suzanne Mulder共同担任,八位参展设计师分别是: 艾未未(艺术家/设计师)、 Irma Boom(平面设计师)、Hella Jongerius(产品设计师)、Rem Koolhaas(建筑师)、马可(服装设计师)、米未设计联盟(平面设计团队)、“都市实践”(建筑团体)、Alexander van Slobbe(服装设计师)。

This exhibition focused on avant-garde design in the Netherlands and China since the 90s. Eight designers from both countries were presented to show their perspectives and responses to the current situation of globalization, as well as to reflect on their own practices. They are Ai Weiwei (artist/designer), Irma Boom (graphic designer), Hella Jongerius (product designer), Rem Koolhaas (architect), Ma Ke (fashion designer), Mewe (graphic design studio), Urbanus (architecture studio), and Alexander van Slobbe (fashion designer). The exhibition was co-curated by Prof. Degeng Li, Linda Vlassenrood (Netherlands Architecture Institute/NAi), and Suzanne Mulder (Netherlands Architecture Institute/NAi).

Project time:2011

Location:Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen

Client:Nederlands Architectuurinstituut(NAI)

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