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Museum of Zhang Zhidong in Wuhan




张之洞与武汉博物馆坐落于湖北武汉市汉阳琴台大道,建筑由德国著名建筑大师丹尼尔·里伯斯金(Daniel Libeskind)设计,展馆面积共7241平方米,其中常设展览面积为3076平方米。直径叙事(DND)受万科地产(Vanke)委托,全权负责博物馆策展、展览设计及运营规划。我们的策展方案通过主题划分的方式,来回应历史人物及城市发展的主题,展览破除了传统的历史时间线性叙事,呈现了一个以工业化为先导的次生现代化转型的城市模型,并邀请观众加入我们,对那段历史与今天的关系进行重新的思考和理解。张之洞与武汉博物馆已于2018年3月26日开馆。

Museum of Zhang Zhidong in Wuhan is located in Han Yang Qin Tai Avenue. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, The pavilion with a total area of 7241  sqm, of which the permanent exhibition area of 3076  sqm. Commissioned by Vanke, DND was in charge of curation, exhibition design, and interior design, as well as providing the Museum with operation consultancy. The curatorial proposal presented Zhang Zhidong as the key figure of modernization in Wuhan and China. The exhibition is structured around different topics that display critical thinking of the DND curatorial team, as opposed to implementing the traditional linear narrative. DND invites the audience to participate in our rethinking of the relationship between history and today. Museum of Zhang Zhidong in Wuhan was opened in March 2018.

Project time:2015-2017



「张之洞与武汉博物馆」荣获 IDA Design Awards 2020 金奖