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Wuhan Real Estate Group Brand Hall




​武汉地产集团品牌馆设于湖北武汉地产大厦顶层30层,展馆面积为900平方米,挑高达8.4米,经过局部二层搭建后总面积为1062平方米。直径叙事(DND)受武汉地产集团(Wuhan Real Estate Group)委托,全权负责展馆的空间叙事、展览设计及室内设计。武汉地产集团品牌馆肩负企业实力展示、集团对外交流及员工才艺展示三大功能,展览设计通过艺术装置、空间装置、新媒体互动、沉浸体验等多种媒介综合表达,呈现了武汉地产集团的企业文化、品牌精神、实力项目与未来愿景。武汉地产集团品牌馆已于2018年12月31日开馆。

Wuhan Real Estate Group Branding Hall is located on the 30th floor of Wuhan Real Estate Building in Hubei province. The exhibition hall measures at 900 sqm, 8.4 meters high. It is expected to serve as a window showing the strength of the group to the world, as well as a stage for the employee talent show. Based on the needs of the exhibition narrative, DND partially redesigned the original space by adding a second floor, expanding the total exhibition area to 1062 sqm. Through art installation, interactive new media, immersive experience and so on, the exhibition will present Wuhan Real Estate Group's corporate culture, brand spirit, representative projects, and future vision. Wuhan Real Estate Group Branding Hall was opened in December 2018.

Project time:2018


Client:Wuhan Real Estate Group