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深圳南头古城 - 同源馆群
Shenzhen Nantou City - Diverse Homology Pavilion





南头古城位于深圳市南山区,自东晋以来已有近 1700 年的历史,在体现深港澳“同宗同源”方面具有重大的历史意义。改革开放以后,南头古城逐渐变成城中村。在南头古城更新改造的背景下,直径叙事(DND)受万科(Vanke)与南山区工务署委托,负责同源馆群的整体策展规划和展览设计。这是一次前所未有的历史叙事尝试,我们运用了“行政同属”“文化同心”“经济同体”和“山海同貌”四个视角对“同源”进行解读,并分别置入古城核心区域内的四栋不同位置、不同时期的建筑,整体构成了“同源馆”的展馆群概念,形成古城中的历史叙事合力,以将历史文化植入社区生活。从最初的馆群主题及数量、建筑选址及改造,直径团队就已经深度参与,直至最终的策展及设计施工。其中,“山海同貌”“经济同体”两馆已于 2021 年 2 月 13 日正式开馆,另外两馆也将于 2023 年开放。

Nantou City, situated in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District, holds a rich history dating back approximately 1,700 years to the Eastern Jin Dynasty. It holds significant historical value as it reflects the shared history and common origins of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macao. However, after the Reform and Opening-up, it became a dilapidated urban village. Under the commission of Vanke and the Bureau of Public Works of Nanshan District, Diameter Narrative Design (DND) took charge of the exhibition planning of the Diverse Homology Pavilion for the renovation of Nantou City. DND is now creating a historical narration that is more innovative and groundbreaking than ever before. It has strengthened the core exhibition idea of “Homology” by interpreting it from four perspectives of “The Inherited And Shared Administration”, “The Inherited And Shared Culture”, “The Integral Bond of Economy” and “The Continuous Sight of Nature”, and relating them with four buildings of different periods in the building complex. This innovative endeavor aims to establish a cohesive force of historical narration within Nantou Ancient Town, seamlessly blending local history and culture into the fabric of community life. DND has been actively engaged in every step of Nantou’s renovation, from the initial site selection to the meticulous design of its exhibitions. Among all the exhibitions, “The Continuous Sight of Nature” and “The Integral Bond of Economy” were officially opened on February 13th, 2021. The remaining two exhibitions are scheduled to be unveiled in 2023.

Project time:2019-2023


ClientVanke Group