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Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition 



深圳当代艺术与城市规划馆(MOCAP)位于深圳市福田区市民中心广场,是深圳市中心的新地标建筑。建筑由奥地利著名先锋建筑事务所蓝天组Coop Himmelb(l)au设计,分为当代艺术馆与城市规划馆两个部分。2017年底,直径叙事设计联合体「直径叙事设计、中国城市规划研究院深圳分院、丝路视觉、​ATELIER BRÜCKNER GMBH(德国)」的策展,展览设计及施工方案从15个国际一流的竞标方案中脱颖而出。直径叙事作为总策展团队,同时负责规划馆开馆季活动策划。城市规划馆已于2020年8月27日开馆。

Museum of Contemporary Art & Urban Planning is located in the Civic Center of Shenzhen, which has become the new landmark in the city center. The architecture by Australian group Coop Himmelb(l)au, combines the contemporary art pavilion and the urban planing pavilion in one building—the contemporary art pavilion and urban planing pavilion. By the end of 2017, in collaboration with China Academy of Urban Planning & Design Shenzhen, Silkroad, and ATELIER BRÜCKNER GMBH (Germany), DND presented a curatorial and design proposal as well as a construction plan, with fifteen world-class bidders, and won the bid. As the chief curatorial team, DND was in charge of curating the Museum’s Opening Week events. The Urban Planning section of the Museum was opened in August 2020.

Project time:2017-2020


「深圳当代艺术与城市规划馆」荣获 MUSE Design Awards 2021 铂金奖