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超级分镜——深圳文化多样性主题策展季Super Storyboard——Shenzhen Diverse Culture  Thematic Curatorial Season






作为深圳湾超级总部基地的首发商业,睿印 RAIL IN 以服务市民高品质出行和生活为出发点,致力于为湾区生活圈打造中央活力“枢纽”。在深超总首个商业综合体建成之际,直径叙事受深铁集团与万科集团的邀请,负责睿印开幕季展览的整体策划。直径团队以深圳为“超级主角”,开展“超级分镜”主题策展季,从不同视角对深圳进行多元的全新解读。展览分为三大主题:“自然人文分镜”、“历史未来分镜”和“多元文化分镜”,通过分镜向观众展现出深圳无限的包容力、缤纷的生命力。三个主题位于睿印一层,直径希望通过“主题展厅”与“文化艺术展廊”相结合的方式,创造出多样化且身临其境的体验,开启一场关于深圳文化的探索之旅。

As the first commercial complex at the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base, RAIL IN, taking improving people's travel and life quality as the starting point, is committed to building a vibrant “hub” in the Bay Area community. Before RAIL IN’s completion, the DND was invited by Shenzhen Metro Group and Vanke Group to oversee the overall planning of the exhibition for the opening season of RAIL IN.With Shenzhen as the “Super Protagonist”, the team has launched the thematic curatorial season “Super Storyboards” to offer diverse perspectives on the city. The exhibition contains three parts: “Nature and Humanity", “History and Future”, and “Diverse Culture", highlighting the city’s inclusiveness and vitality. Located on the first floor of RAIL IN, the exhibition combines “themed halls” and “art galleries”, inviting visitors to discover Shenzhen culture.

Project time:2023


ClientShenzhen Metro Group, Vanke Group