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Kingsoft Innovation Museum





Kingsoft Innovation Museum is located on the first and second floors of the north side of the headquarters building of Zhuhai Kingsoft. Commissioned by Kingsoft, DND was in charge of space narrative, exhibition design and interior design of the pavilion. Kingsoft has been through a developing history of over 30 years. The exceptional journey it took over is the epitome of China’s software industry and internet industry.  The Kingsoft Innovation Museum displays more than Kingsoft’s previous achievements but seeks to advance Kingsoft’s ideals, social responsibilities and future visions by embracing the industry’s state-of-the-art technology​. Through art installation, interactive new media, immersive experience and so on, the exhibition will present Kingsoft’s actions and creative visions, while also presenting the opportunities and responsibilities that time has given to Kingsoft. Kingsoft Innovation Museum  opened on May 22th, 2023.

Project time:2020-2021