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International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, Beijing




2019年北京世界园艺博览会于2019年4月29日至2019年10月7日在中国延庆区举行,为A1级国际园艺博览会。直径叙事(DND)受万科集团(Vanke)委托负责世园会植物馆的主题咨询和总体策展,植物馆建筑由都市实践北京办公室(URBANUS Beijing)设计,一层数字艺术展厅由日本新媒体团队teamLab创作,植物温室总设计为北京市园林科学研究院。直径叙事提出“植物:不可思议的智慧”作为植物馆的展览主题,并通过“5°地平线”的空间概念,构建了一个“从植物根系到自然大地”这样被不断放大的观看植物的视角,将户外广场、建筑灰空间、主展厅、温室及顶层天台等串联在一起,设计了一场集观点、知识和幻想于一体的植物之旅。

Beijing EXPO 2019 is an international horticultural EXPO opening in Beijing from April to October, 2019. DND, as the chief curatorial team, was in charge of the Theme consulting and overall curating  for Vanke Pavilion, designed by URBANUS Beijing. The 1st floor digital art exhibition hall was created by teamLab and the green house was designed by Beijing Institute of Landscape Architecture. The DND proposes "Incredible Wisdom of Plants" as the theme of the exhibition, and through the concept of space of "5° Horizon", constructs a perspective of "from plant roots to natural land" that is constantly magnified to view plants. Designed a journey of plants that connects all the spaces from the outdoor plaza, through main exhibition hall and leading to the green house, enriching the exhibition experience and providing knowledge, commentary, and fantasy.

Project time:2016-2017